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Ethan J. Skolnick: Tyler Johnson’s emergence helped spur trade of Mario Chalmers

If it wasn’t clear that Tyler Johnson will be staying awhile, it should be now, after Tuesday’s trade of two-time champion starting point guard Mario Chalmers, after Erik Spoelstra called the former undrafted free agent an “irresistible force” who has “earned what he’s getting,” after Johnson was the Heat’s first guard off the bench. So…

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Miami Heat’s Tyler Johnson Is Forcing His Way Into Rotation Conversation

When the Miami Heat discovered Hassan Whiteside out of the D-League, it was like finding a diamond in the rough. Whiteside has become one of the most dominant centers in the league, and that is in large part to the Heat actually giving the 7-foot center an opportunity on the court. Well, the same situation seems…

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Tyler Johnson Has Made Stalwart Mario Chalmers Expendable for Miami Heat

MIAMI — If actions speak louder than words, the Miami Heatare nearing the point of bellowing their belief in sophomore Tyler Johnson from atop a South Beach high-rise. The undrafted guard out of Fresno State is weaving his way further into the fabric of the franchise. Last season, he parlayed a training-camp invite into an NBA…

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Tyler Johnson: From minors to major role with Heat

CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO   This time Tyler Johnson is headed a bit farther north. For that, he is appreciative, his itinerary this time dropping him off in Minneapolis for the start of the Miami Heat‘s two-game trip that opens Thursday. A year ago, the flight north in November stopped across in South Dakota,…

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